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At Leyland Private Asset Management we are proud to have built up a stable of valued, loyal clients, and we are always happy to take on more. We provide holistic, bespoke, and confidential advisory services to a wide range of clients and categories,including:

  • Self Directed Investors – For investors who have spent a lifetime building an investment portfolio and are now ready to engage a professional for the next stage. This may be because of age considerations, administrative burden or because the investor would like to spend more time with other pursuits.
  • Self-managed superannuation funds: We will assist with nominating the most suitable investment option to fit individual circumstances and maximise financial return, and can work with existing providers or introduce no providers to assist with specific legal, taxation, and auditing requirements.
  • Family offices:With our strong expertise in value investing, handing the reins over to us to deal with administrative functions, to maximise investment returns, and for provision of timely, transparent reporting ensures that this time-consuming work is effectively outsourced.
  • Business owners:We assist business owners by managing and monitoring their investment portfolios in accordance with best practice and a proactive focus, and by providing detailed reports. Leyland also has a broad, collaborative approach, and we will engage with other professional advisors (e.g., accountants) where necessary, leaving more time for owners to focus on their core business.
  • Professionals:We look after many professionals from a wide variety of industries, and we are familiar with their different requirements at different career stages. For example:

–     early in their career trajectory they have not reached maximum earning potential and may be  paying off student debts

  • mid-career their earnings will have increased significantly but they are likely to be paying off a mortgage and school fees
  • by late career earnings and savings are usually significant, and all or most debt is usually cleared. This is the time when investment decisions are paramount.
  • Windfalls:In the case of a large lump sum of money – often received through an inheritance or divorce settlement – people often require advice to make the best investment decisions for their situation and to maximise returns on investment.
  • International investors. Our expert portfolio managers can assist with all the requirements of international investments, both for clients in Australia and those living overseas.

Please contact us if you require further information or have any questions that are not answered here

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