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Leyland Private Asset Management

Since 2003, our firm has grown to become one of the pre-eminent independent private wealth managers in Australia. Clients have entrusted us to provide guidance on the management of their financial future. With decades of industry experience, we continue to successfully steer our client's wealth through market cycles.

With some of the most experienced investment advisers in Australia, clients benefit from our wealth management advice customised to their specific investment objectives and aspirations. Our disciplined approach gives our clients the reassurance that their wealth is being carefully managed with long-term capital preservation and growth at our core.

Our clients include Family Offices, Self-Managed Super Funds, Business Owners, Professionals and Retirees. We collaborate with external legal, accounting, and philanthropic specialists as needed to ensure our services are customised to each client's specific needs. This tailored approach is particularly valuable for families planning to transfer wealth across generations.

Whilst we are a proud Australian firm, clients have access to a range of asset classes globally, both listed and unlisted. Being independent brings enormous access and investment opportunities.

We value your privacy and will never share your information.

Leyland Private Wealth Asset Management

Trusted, confidential advisor

Leyland Private Asset Management manages investment portfolios on behalf of family offices, high net worth individuals, professionals, business owners and self-managed super funds.

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Considered a trusted and confidential adviser to our clients with relationships built over a long period of time

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These three simple philosophies lie at the core of Leyland’s culture.

Leyland Private Asset Management - Melbourne
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