Leyland Private Asset Management

Our business is built around the development of long term relationships. We consider each client relationship to be a partnership, built on trust and respect, where we adjust our services to accommodate your changing needs. We take considerable pride in achieving excellent outcomes for our clients.

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Trusted, confidential advisor

Leyland Private Asset Management manages investment portfolios on behalf of family offices, high net worth individuals, professionals, business owners and self-managed super funds.

What to expect from Leyland.
Your Private Wealth Management Adviser

These three simple philosophies lie at the core of Leyland’s culture.

Leyland Private Asset Management
  • Aligned with you

    A professional portfolio manager with a sensible investment philosophy aligned with my own.

  • Transparent

    Transparency when it comes to transactions, income, expenses and performance.

  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind in knowing that my shares are held securely on CHESS and my cash is with a reputable bank.


The Superinvestors of ‘Graham & Doddsville’ and the Business Owner Mindset

It's no coincidence some of the greatest investors of all time are prophets of value investing. Each may invest in different assets and securities but almost all of them look ...
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Leyland Market Updates

April 2022 Insights

Market volatility continues, as an ever-increasing list of factors are impacting on the global macro (and micro) environment. In addition to inflation, interest rates, the war in Ukraine and lockdowns ...
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Leyland Private Asset Management

Considered a trusted and confidential adviser to our clients with relationships built over a long period of time


What to expect from Leyland

These three simple philosophies lie at the core of Leyland’s culture.

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