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Leyland Timeless Thoughts

Timeless Thoughts

Why Smart People Do Dumb Things

Warren Buffett gave an important lecture at Florida University on 15 October, 19981. An eager MBA student asked him about his involvement in the rescue of one of the most spectacular hedge fund blow-ups in financial history. A fund by the name of Long Term Capital Management had great success making money from the arbitrage …

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Leyland Market Updates


August 2020 Newsletter

The month saw most ASX listed companies report FY20 numbers, with 75% of companies reporting a profit. This is the weakest outcome in a decade, but encouraging given the economic ...
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July 2020 Newsletter

The new financial year greets us with the same challenges and uncertainties of the last. The recent movement in the sharemarket has confounded the skeptics and perennial bears, but that ...
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June 2020 Newsletter

Imagine for a moment that you personally own a large mining conglomerate which consists of: Iron ore and nickel operations in Western Australia Copper & base metal operations in Chile; ...
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