Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Fund/Unit Trust

  • You may be forced to accept the consequences of undistributed realised and unrealised gains.
  • As a new unit holder, you also risk receiving back a proportion of your capital as a taxable distribution.
  • You own units in a ‘pool’.
  • Unit trusts generally distribute realised gains and income every six months. Distributions tend to be unpredictable from period to period.
  • Report six monthly and provide very basic information on activity and holdings.
  • No control over investment decisions whatsoever.
  • Some trusts will pass the cost of travel, meetings, accountants, auditors and lawyers on to you as ‘recoverable expenses’.

LPAM Individually Managed Account (IMA)

  • You can commence your investment with a brand new portfolio of shares and the tax consequences only relate to you.
  • You directly own your underlying assets.
  • Your income is directly correlated to the dividend stream of the shares you own.
  • Through LPAM’s website you have online daily access to your portfolio.
  • You receive a contract note each time a share transaction is executed on your behalf.
  • You receive quarterly financial reports and all transactions are summarised at the end of the year for tax purposes. An updated financial report can also be requested at any time.
  • You have ultimate control over your own portfolio.
  • All transaction and administration costs are absorbed by LPAM. The only cost to you is the management fee charged per quarter

Benefit to client

  • You own the portfolio.
  • You have greater tax and investment flexibility.
  • You enjoy complete transparency with regard to income.
  • You enjoy complete transparency, comprehensive reporting for tax purposes and personal ownership.
  • You can send instructions at any time to ‘sell the lot’.
  • The simple flat fee structure means a greater proportion of investment performance is passed on to you.

Any entity that is legally able to own Australian shares can invest via an IMA. This includes individuals, companies, family trusts, self-managed super funds, not-for-profit organisations and charitable foundations.

Leyland Private Asset Management takes care of all the administration requirements. We also provide you and your accountant (if requested) with regular detailed financial reports.

Yes. You can start your IMA with cash and/or existing shares.

Yes. When you transfer your existing share portfolio into your IMA you are not undertaking a buy or sell transaction, and therefore there are no administration costs or capital gains tax implications.

You are able to withdraw funds from your IMA at any time without incurring any penalties.

Each time a share transaction is executed you will receive a contract note which outlines which shares have been purchased or sold on your behalf and at what price.

You will be provided with an online password so you can see your position at any time. In addition, you will receive a detailed financial report each quarter which includes all the trades undertaken and a current portfolio position, including any cash balances, realised and unrealised gains or losses and dividends received. You may also request an updated financial report from your investment manager at any time.

Yes. Your investment manager will take care of any corporate offers such as rights issues, takeover offers, option exercise notices and voting.

Yes. Leyland Private Asset Management has access to new floats. The decision whether to invest in any float will depend on the quality of the investment and the client’s investment strategy.

Your shares are always owned by you and registered in your name.

Shares are held on CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Subregister System) which is administered by the Australian Stock Exchange.

Legal title is electronically registered and is similar to a bank account. More information can be obtained from the ASX website http://www.asx.com.au/investor/shares/how/chess_holdings.htm

Investment returns will vary due to the objectives and parameters specified by each individual client. For instance, a client wanting a low risk, high income portfolio will have a significantly different risk/return profile to a client seeking capital growth at a medium risk. 

Historically the Australian share market has grown at approximately 12% per annum. Our aim is to out-perform this long term average

by 3-8%, providing long term gains of 15-20%.

As different returns are related to different investment strategies it is important to have a detailed discussion with Leyland Private Asset Management about your personal requirements and risk tolerance.

Past performance should not be used as a guide to future performance.

Yes. You may call your Leyland Private Asset Management investment manager to discuss your IMA at any time.

Your profile is reviewed at the anniversary of the opening of your IMA, or when there is a change in your circumstances. For example, if you instruct Leyland Private Asset Management to increase your level of income, then your investment manager will restructure the composition of your portfolio to accommodate your new income requirements.

There are no entry or exit fees when you invest in a Leyland Private Asset Management IMA.

Our all encompassing quarterly fee is calculated as a percentage of the portfolio and will be between .25% and .5% depending upon size and specific requirements.

Investors with an IMA are charged one simple fee at the beginning of each quarter. There are no additional charges.

No. Unlike many other funds or managed products there are no transaction costs or wrap/administration fees.

No. All the brokerage costs are absorbed by Leyland Private Asset Management.

Yes. Some examples of methodologies include:

  • First in First Out (FIFO)
  • Last in First Out (LIFO)
  • Highest in Last Out (HILO)

Yes. We are able to send detailed electronic financial reports directly to your advisor(s) in a format which should streamline workload.

Leyland Private Asset Management is not authorised to provide tax advice but is able to liaise with your professional tax advisor (subject to your authorisation).

All shares are registered in your name under CHESS, so you are able to transfer them at any time and incur no cost. Unlike managed funds you do not have to redeem units or pay fees to exit if you are unhappy for any reason.

Leyland Private Asset Management is fully licenced and holds AFS Licence Number 223419, issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

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